Shout out out out out

Shout out out out out

We were thrilled to be included in this remix project. I think the first time I ever heard music that was described to me as Techno was when a friend played me a cassette version of Moby's 'Have You Seen My Baby' in my 10th grade math class, so this is kind of a big deal for us! For this remix of 'Mistake', Jason and I wanted to maintain the feelings of melancholy and disillusionment inherent in the original version, allowing the mix to evolve with the vocal into a triumphant finish. We went for a real spacey feel, with a rolling sequenced bass synth part and almost everything running through a Roland Space Echo unit. As usual with Shout Out Out Out Out material, we used analog synths for all sounds (for the nerds: a MiniMoog Voyager, Korg MS-10, Etherwave Theremin, and Oberheim Matrix 1000 were used on this mix). - Nik 7 and Jaycie Jayce (Shout Out Out Out Out)


Mistake (Shout out out out out Remix)

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