It was a real honour to be asked to do a remix for Moby because I have been a great fan and follower of his music for a long time. He always does the unexpected and I love that about him. I was immediately drawn towards the track 'Slow Light' for many reasons. It's quite a strange track - eerily beautiful with quite a dark undercurrent, but also extremely euphoric. I also really liked the chord progressions. As with many of his tracks he uses chord progressions which might seem experimental and unfamiliar but he makes them work together brilliantly. I tried to keep the 'other-worldly' nature of the original version and was also keen to add all electronic elements sparingly, to leave as much space as possible (which the original does fantastically well). I went for a very hypnotic, repetitive feel - building slowly, but almost subconsciously. I got that feel from the original track and tried to play it up as much as I could.


Slow Light (Maps Remix)

Wait For Me Remixes cover